1 – Meeting Eliza

Meeting Eliza

If you were to meet Eliza, she would ask you lots of questions. She would want to know where you came from, and what you were looking for just before you arrived. She would want to get a sense of you.  Listening intently, her arms would sway back and forth, occasionally opening into something like a distant embrace.  Then, she would probably, although not definitely because it would depend on your answers, take you to Play as Being.

It would be hard not to go.

In avatar years, Eliza is roughly nine years old, which for humans is like being perpetually sixteen. She is often unusually tall, and seldom not brunette, which is not to say you would recognize her in your next encounter.  Well, you would, but only because her name is prominent in a bubble over her head.

Yours would be too.

Ask Eliza the origins of her name, and she will know it has a vague relation to the Renaissance era and to music, and only a little about the poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay that her typist read over and over again before fathoming its meaning.


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