7 – Earth and Sky

You see, there is this thing about capacity: though we often walk through our lives trying to impress one another with what is on our mind, or with our physical appearance and accoutrements, the basis for connection is actually less definable. Capacity speaks to capacity.

This is what’s described by performers and teachers when they relate that the make up of their audience, or the attentiveness of their students, genuinely matters to what comes forward from them in a given situation.

It is both earth and sky.

And this is something one can learn in a virtual world… that it is possible to work with a sense of self and others from the inside-out.

2 – About Eliza

Eliza was lured into being by the idea of a Coldplay concert. Coldplay had performed in Second Life as a way to promote Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, though she hadn’t been born in time to attend. In this she was similar to her typist who had been born in 1970, a year to the day after Woodstock.

Curiosity had already taken hold however, and she appeared, fish to water, wearing a pink polka dotted dress and short ponytail, to see what might be seen. Which wasn’t much, at first. Moving her way through a dry tutorial, following gigantic arrows, typing gestures toward other figures that also seemed quite lost, wasn’t what she had in mind at all.


Maybe she found the coffee shop first, or the London clothing store, where she paired a wildly pouffy flowered dress with bold tribal tattoos. At which point she went nowhere for about a week, one morning spending about two hours just standing near a bench, just clicking profiles and listening to others chat.

She didn’t initiate conversations, startled to find herself rather shy.

It was in front of the coffee shop that someone first requested Eliza’s friendship, and took her to find a more suitable walk than SL’s then default, duck waddle. The walking animation, worn like a piece of clothing, felt too sensual at first, quite strange. Yet it was that feeling that began to register her senses as an avatar, giving traction, urging her to stay in and continue to explore.  She browsed more stores, but also found poetry and book sites, then an Irish Pub. She was asked to dance, and experienced a parade.

Lounging at Shakespeare’s Sister, perusing  shelves and listening to others coming and going, she realized that not only was the world actually interesting in and of itself, but bursting with souls she might know and learn from.

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