7 – Earth and Sky

You see, there is this thing about capacity: though we often walk through our lives trying to impress one another with what is on our mind, or with our physical appearance and accoutrements, the basis for connection is actually less definable. Capacity speaks to capacity.

This is what’s described by performers and teachers when they relate that the make up of their audience, or the attentiveness of their students, genuinely matters to what comes forward from them in a given situation.

It is both earth and sky.

And this is something one can learn in a virtual world… that it is possible to work with a sense of self and others from the inside-out.

6 – More About Eliza’s Typist

For her typist, there was a feeling of rescue about the energy and enthusiasm that showed up with Eliza. She couldn’t help but go along, although not Buddhist and though her interest in meditation had to then consisted of counting breaths at stoplights for stress control, and an interest in hypnotherapy.

At the time, she was finding less and less feeling of belonging in existing networks; most had come to feel like too small shoes. It was in this light that it makes sense to follow Eliza’s fresh-eyed curiosity, more and more delighting in the quite dynamic world, populated by magical people, seeming to generate around her.


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