Madrigal Consultants was born in 2009, out of a very personal experience with an avatar named Eliza, and a desire to give insight into the real stories beneath what can make open-ended virtual worlds so compelling.

Since then, we’ve taken part in organizing focus groups and events, engaged in different types of journalism and research, and have made productive introductions between people from many backgrounds.

It has been enlightening and FUN!

Each time virtual worlds become more accessible and more mobile, they appear to be a new thing, however virtual mediums such as Second Life have been around for a long time. Media focus has sometimes left an impression of virtual reality as solely a game medium, yet vibrant communities abound in which people gather to support and enrich one another – learning new languages, ways of thinking, ways of seeing their day to day lives anew.  Call it fantasy if you must, but many describe their experiences as tapping into a deep and quite supportive reality.

The heart of our work therefore, has been to help unfold the possibilities that currently exist within virtual worlds, and to help bridge gaps for those who would make their own. While it is true that much of the magic of VR comes about spontaneously through trial and error, as it might when taking an open-ended vacation to a foreign land, it is also true that too many opportunities are lost to the learning curve.


*Madrigal Consultants is not limited to virtual reality explorations and research.  We offer services such as editing and remote office assistance, working to be flexible and resourceful enough to fit with a variety of endeavors.


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