4 – Time

Although you may have heard that virtual worlds are full of strange and dark characters, for Eliza there was only kindness, overwhelming generosity.  Small chats about not much would quickly become adventures, each new spot revealing some wellspring of creativity and easy friendship.

Instead of moving linearly through one thing after another, she learned to move naturally through encounters. Connections formed:  the Zen priest from Alaska, the yogi from France, artists, goddesses, fairies and dragons, academics and activists, but most on the verge of one thing or another.

In fact there was a strong perpetually on the verge feeling about everything. A monk encountered may not actually be a monk, yet neither were they in disguise. A fairy might be a grocer in their other world, and a poet. It was more about revelation, true colors, and interacting encumbered by few attachments. Talents felt un-rooted, freely in play.

Which Eliza learned more about, by hosting meditations.


Next: Chapter Five – Becoming a Host

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